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With a truly digital diploma

If you are an organisation working seriously with education and training, you can now enhance the total learning experience with the issuing of digital, secure, safe and easy verifiable diplomas, to all your students and training participant. When your students complete their education or training program, you can by the click of a button issue thousands of diplomas with lightning speed and no effort. The costs related to your existing process of issuing and re-issuing will drop significantly freeing up resources to other relevant tasks. Furthermore, you can now follow and analyse the impact on your students and attract new relevant students or course participants.


Through your best ambassadors - your students

With a digital diploma, Students can by the click of a button, now share their diploma on social media like LinkedIn, Facebook etc. All students are granted access to the Diplomasafe platform, where they claim and store their diploma in a safe and secure environment. From here they can safely and easily share it with their network on social media.

Up to 20% of your students will share their new skills in an update on social media, enriching your marketing efforts, by reaching thousands of relevant people who potentially can be your next student or training participant – Your next customer!

The secure digital diploma will increase their credibility when a potential employer is assessing their skills and education. In other words, it’s a very effective branding channel when it comes to building a positive image around your institution.


When students share their digital diplomas from your education institution, you get:
– Direct access to students’ personal networks
– Increased trust through mentioning and recommendations from students
– Attraction of potential new students through word of mouth
– Mutual branding of educational institution and students
– Free marketing and branding


Save time and resources

With Diplomasafe our customers experience significant reductions in administrative processes by providing a fully digital procedure that lets you design, generate, revoke and issue diplomas in minutes and distribute them through your preferred channels.

Because students can now share, retrieve and link to their proof of education at any time, the administrative hassle around reissuing lost diplomas will now be virtually non-existent.

As an extra benefit, you now have a tool that lets you track and analyse how issued diplomas are used and shared